Scoop da Poo - Boca Raton and Palm Beach County South Florida Dog Poop Pooper Scooper Service
We are South Florida's largest Distribuor of Dog Poop Pick-up Bags!

The first time we visit there is a $70.00 initial fee for the first time cleaning which is due at time of service.  See our Payments Page to pay this for your first time cleaning and visit.

Yards with higher accumulation than normal may be priced higher.

Yards with less accumulation than the usual amount for most first time cleanings may be eligible for lower rates.

This will be determined at the time of the first cleaning.

One cleaning per week:

One to Three dogs: $16.25 per week

Billed monthly at $70.00 Per Month.


Two cleanings per week:

One to Three dogs: $13.85 per cleaning

Billed monthly at $120.00 Per Month.

These rates are based on average sized yards.
Yards that are 1/4 acre or more will have an extra charge.

Smaller yards with less than 3 dogs may be eligible for lower rates.
Please inquire when calling or emailing

Yards with larger than normal volume of dog waste will be sunject to a higher rate.

Four or More dogs are priced on an individual basis


Every Other Week service is not offered unless the area to be cleaned is a gravel, rock, or mulched area,
or an area that is not affected by lawn mowers or other landscaping equipment.

We also offer 3, 4, or 5 times per week.  All are priced on an individual basis as well.

One time cleanings begin at $70.00.  Heavy accumulation can be priced higher.

We would love to clean your yard before a special occasion or party!
One time cleanings for a 
specific day/time start at $120.00.
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