Scoop da Poo - Boca Raton and Palm Beach County South Florida Dog Poop Pooper Scooper Service
We are South Florida's largest Distribuor of Dog Poop Pick-up Bags!

Scoop da Poo provides professional pooper scooper and dog poop scooping service for Palm Beach Boward County, Florida and surrounding area. We are the most Professional Dog Waste Removal Service.

Scoop da Poo is the ONLY Dog Waste Removal Service in South Florida that is rated 100% compliant by Compliance Depot, a compliance company which maintains all vendor licenses and insurance policies, including Worker's Comp and General Liability insurance. 

Scoop da Poo holds itself to a higher standard. By responsibly maintaining our compliance and full insurance coverage as well as our good reputation, we can offer you the confidence that you will be working with an open, honest, dependable, and reputable company with your complete trust and satisfaction as our priority.  You will not find another dog waste removal service in South Florida with these credentials. 

When hiring someone to work at your home, you want to KNOW that they are licensed and insured, and the staff has been fully vetted.

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