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Scoop da Poo, LLC
Dog Waste Removal Service


About Us
  • Scoop da Poo is independently family owned and operated.
  • Deal directly with the owner, ALWAYS!
  • When you call during regular business hours, you speak to the founder/owner and get the results you are looking for.
  • As a customer, you will have the owner's cell phone number, so he is always a phone call or a text message away!

  • Scoop da Poo is the ONLY Dog Waste Removal Service in South Florida that is rated 100% compliant by Compliance Depot, a compliance company which maintains all vendor licenses and insurance policies, including Worker's Comp and General Liability insurance. Scoop da Poo holds itself to a higher standard. By responsibly maintaining our compliance and full insurance coverage as well as our good reputation, we can offer you the confidence that you will be working with an open, honest, dependable, and reputable company with your complete trust and satisfaction as our priority.

    When hiring someone to work at your home, you want to KNOW that they are licensed and insured, and the staff has been fully vetted.

We are the ONLY Dog Waste Removal service in South Florida with

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What We Doo

We Get Your Dog's Business Off The Ground! TM

  • What we doo is come to your yard, scoop the poop, bag it up and haul it away. We are a full service waste removal company. We haul it away and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. Poop left in your trash can smell really bad and attracts unwanted insects. Why put up with that if you can get Scoop da Poo to clean your yard and haul it away for you?
That is why we call ourselves a "Dog Waste Removal Service", and not just a pooper scooper.
  • In addition to ridding your yard of dog waste, we keep an eye out for small objects that could harm your furry friends such as roofing, construction and remodeling items. We pick up and remove anything we find that could harm your pet.
  • We look for areas along your fence and gates that look like your dog may be trying to dig out. If we see this, we will alert you right away.
  • We adhere to a strict code of conduct by disinfecting our tools and boots between every yard with a veterinarian approved kennel disinfectant. This prevents the spread of diseases.
  • We watch for any abnormalities in your dog's waste that could indicate a problem, and alert you if we notice something. We're not veterinarians, but we see enough waste to know a problem when we see it. Think of us as an extra set of eyes to watch out for your dogs' health and safety.
  • We keep an eye out for your house and yard noting things like open windows in the summer, garage doors left open, gates left open by others that have accessed your yard and forgot to close them. We like to make sure your property is secure in any way we can while we are there and you're away or at work. We will alert you right away if there is something that just doesn't look right.
  • If your front yard needs a quick scan for neighborhood "drive by droppings', we do not charge extra. We park our truck so that we walk through your front yard to gain access to your back gate, and we scan the front while we walk through it. (if your front yard is quite large, and you require us to do a full search and grid pattern walk, an extra charge may apply)
  • We are able to phone ahead and let you know we are on our way to your house. There is no extra charge for this service. We are as happy to call you -- as you are to know -- we are on our way to clean your yard!
  • Want a knock on the door when we arrive…no problem… no charge... we're happy to do it!

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Let Everyone Rest Easier!

Scoop da Poo currently serves:

We service the Greater Boca Raton area, including Highland Beach,
Ocean Ridge, Gulfstream,
Delray Beach, and Boynton Beach,
Lantana, Green Acres, Atlantis, and all areas in between.

'Scoop da Poo, LLC'
Dog Waste Removal Service


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